Thursday, 11 October 2012

My girls - 2012 to date - in short :)

WOW, bad blogger! So, the last time I posted was 10 months ago!?! Before xmas 2011!

Im definitely a person that would rather 'do' than talk about,  thats for sure! Also I dont know where everyone finds times to update their blog all the time? So, Im going to have a bash at doing it now then that might be it again for the next year ;)

Considering so many shows have been cancelled due to our piss poor weather in the UK, this years agility season has been pretty good, Fudgie has been to Crufts, won another CC, qualified for Crufts 2013, won the DINAS grade 7 small final,  qualified for 5 finals at the UKA grand finals in Dec and to top it off qualified to represent GB in the World Champs in Czeck Republic last week.... more on that in a while.... unfortunately olypmia was not meant to be this year, I will really miss going, for me this is one of my highlights of the year. Pic below is fudge and pip winning the split pairs qualifier over all heights :) awesome toy dogs :)))))))

Luna has also been a star, winning into g5 at Vyne and into g6 at Thames, Luna hasnt been the easiest dog as she isnt overly confident. TBH, I could have probably won her up to g6 a year ago but this would have been pushing a dog that was not mentally ready to cope with harder courses. Ive spent A LOT of time getting her to RUN hard and enjoy what shes doing. She looks happy to me :)

IMO this is much more important that winning up through the grades quickly. My winter training with her will now be working on grade 6/7 exercises to hopefully get her ready to enjoy next season too (If it ever stops raining!) :) I love this pic of her - WOW! what a stride my little girl has!!!

A few of us were having a conversation in Czech, about our young dogs not getting the full attention they deserve or require to make them the agility stars that they should be, Spice kinda falls into this category Everything is about  Fudge :s .... The top handler/ dogs have these yearly cycles of events they wish to qualify for, which then just go round and round and round.... I know not every one does all of these but most top handlers/dogs will do most .... March -Crufts, April- EO tryouts, May- WC tryouts, July EO's, Sep Olympia Semi's, Oct -Worlds and WAO tryouts, December - Olypmia and UKA finals, and there you have it, another year gone.... Then of course you have all the qualifiers for crufts, olympia and uka finals throughout the year too... are agility people slightly crazy?

Spice for the little agility training she has had is pretty bloody good :) I took her in the ring at KCI and DINAS after a total of about 12 sessions training, she was a star! Apart from weaves, which we cant do with distractions yet,  she listened, she was focused, she didnt look at other dog when she was working. What more could I ask for? oh and her speed in the ring got quicker and quicker as the week went on :)

 Must get that little dog doing contacts now over the winter! She will be 2 next month and hasnt get seen even a plank! Heres hoping for a dryish winter so I can get some training in! (Yes! I am a fair weather agility girl lol)

And Ellie....  Well, we're having serious behavioural issues with her atm, which is upsetting for everyone, we have now had her 2 years...she got better than she was, but recently got worse again, she is now muzzled permanently which is such a shame but also gives us peace of mind. Not willing to risk us or the other dogs as she is permanently stressed.

However we are not giving up on her and her winter training will be going down the route of a TTouch behaviourist, so I will let you know how that goes :) We will try our hardest to get you better Miss Ellie :)

Next blog World Champs ........

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